My Dip Base and Top look gummy/stringy, what am I doing wrong?

It’s super important to remember that your Seal & Protect will activate your Dip Powder Base and Top Coat. This means if your Top Coat brush or Base brush comes into contact with Seal & Protect it will activate and your brush will harden. If this happens and you return the brush to the bottle, the rest of the product will activate and your bottle will be ruined. 

In order to avoid this, make sure you are following these steps:

After filing and shaping, make sure you apply a second layer of Seal & Protect and thoroughly rub the nail with a lint-free wipe. This will push the Seal & Protect into the nail and remove any excess from the nail surface to ensure your Top Coat brush doesn't come into contact with it.

 If you don’t rub the nail, the Top Coat will come into contact with the Seal & Protect and activate.

If this happens, simply replace your brush BEFORE returning it to the bottle with a brush replacement.

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