My Dip Base and Top are glued shut, how can I prevent this from happening?

We know how big of a tragedy this is and we're so sorry you're experiencing this problem with your Dip Powder Essentials. There are a few steps you can take to ensure this never happens again but please DO NOT try to force the bottles open.  Our bottles are made out of glass and can cause serious injuries if they're forced open. To ensure your Dip Essentials last as long as possible, follow these steps: 

1. Before storing away your Kiara Sky Dip essentials, make sure you clean your bottles well with acetone or alcohol. This will help you prevent product buildup around the lid which could dry making your product nearly impossible to open. 

2. Nail hack! Take your Nourish Oil, bottle #5, and apply it to the neck and rim of your Dip Base and Top to make them easier to open for your next use.

Hack: If your bottle is glued shut and you are unable to open it, we recommend soaking it in warm water for 10-15 minutes. If you are still unable to open your bottles, please DO NOT try to force them open. 

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